Littering in St Helens

By Mike Ashworth | August 7, 2014

Following on from the news story yesterday where it was announced that people who litter will be fined I’ve been thinking about how this might pan out.

I suspect that many of the people who litter many not be in a position to pay a fine, so rather than makes their lives more of a misery, or the taxpayer footing the bill for their inability to pay, I have a solution.

They can work off the fine by giving x hours to the town on a voluntary basis.

“What will they be doing” I hear you thinking.

Picking up litter, that’s what they’ll be doing.


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Headlines you never hear in the news

By Mike Ashworth | August 6, 2014

“200 killed today when atheist rebels took heavy shelling from agnostic stronghold in the north”

Doug Stanhope

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Wardens to hit St Helens litterbugs with fines.

By Mike Ashworth | August 6, 2014

Story in St Helens Star today.

Environmental wardens with the power to fine litterbugs on the spot will start patrolling the borough later this month.

The wardens are being introduced as part of a drive by St Helens Council to bring tougher sanctions on those leaving litter and dog fouling.

The size of the fines is not yet determined but it is believed they could amount to £60.

As the Star reported last week, a staggering £1.8million was spent by the council last year on clearing up dropped litter in the borough. The Star’s mailbag and email accounts have also been bulging with readers complaints over the amount of litter being dropped in the town centre and at beauty spots across the borough.

The town centre remains a hot topic of debate and a common concern is that street rubbish that builds throughout the day leaves it appearing dirty by the evening.

Remainder of story here


I have no problem with things that might reduce amount of litter dropped however the Council are also culpable in this matter. They removed a litter bin from an area of Town Centre where lots of peopel stop to eat etc, resulting in more litter. This was reported to them in June and I received an email from the Council acknowledging receipt of the report. Still nothing has been done.

I got in touch with Council Leader Barrie Grunewald and Cllr Seve Gomez-Aspron and was told the following.









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Newton Town Show Storify

By Mike Ashworth | August 3, 2014

Put together this Storify of all Tweets and photos etc of the Newton Town Show in Newton Le Willows, St Helens, this weekend.


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St Helens Summer Streets Storify

By Mike Ashworth | August 2, 2014

Put together this Storify of all the tweets and facebook updates I could find containing photos and videos of Summer Streets event in St Helens.


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St Helens Summer Streets Performers Links

By Mike Ashworth | July 31, 2014

Top time at St Helens Summer Streets.

For those who might be wondering if the various performers have website, twitter, facebook etc, i’ve done a bit of reasearch and come up with the list below.

Their are a few gaps i’m afraid, but if anyone can fill the blanks in, drop me a line or add a comment with the info. Ta


Jiving Lindy Hoppers – Dance Performance

The Aerialists – Trapeze Artistes

J P Puppets – Street Puppeteer

Ernest Magnifico – Comedy Stunt Show

Gangster & Moll – Comedy Street Act

Saurus – Giant Dinosaurs

Chinese Lion – Street Performer

The Candyman – Living Statue

U C Crew – Street Dance

Maple Staplegun – Comedy Hula Show

Make Up – Comedy Street Act

Gary Clarke – St Helens Group – Dance Performance

Chameleon – Dance Performance

China Pearl – Dance Performance

Taciturn – Dance Performance

Geisha Girls – Comedy Street Act

Bubbleologist – Street Performer

Axial – Dance Performance

Joyous Jamboree – Comedy Street Act

Kali Chandrasegaram – Dance Performance

Nicoletta Cabassi & Simonia Lisi – Dance Performance

Growing Old Disgracefully – Dance Performance

Carmen Miranda & Chicoon – Comedy Street Act

Stop Gap – Dance Performance

Lamin Dumbuya – Dance Workshop

Ballet Nimba – Dance Performance

Star Fish Wives – Comedy Street Act

Polly Scott – Dance Workshop

DJ Dex Nelson – Latin and World beats @ Havana

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That Friday Feeling

By Mike Ashworth | July 26, 2014

Just things that have piqued my interest etc during the last week or so…..

Yay. St Helens Hour has now been included on the Twitter Hours Leaderboard for the first time, and we were straight in at number 23! How cool is that.

I have read that as part of The Heart Of Glass Arts programme in St Helens, an album of local bands and singers is to be put together. Sounds pretty cool, read more here.

Great afternoon at Big Busk Festival event in Victoria Park, St Helens with my sis. Lovely to meet people such as @mossandjones who i’ve previously only chatted to online, great set too. Also very impressed with Ghengis Grimes, I’m gonna have to see where they are playing again.

The infamous Robbob was at Big Busk taking photos, I suspect they’ll be uploaded to his flickr account at some point.

Agenda’s, independence, who cares how a Twitter Hour is run as long as it’s doing what it said it’d do.

A little write up about Big Busk by Ruth of Moss and Jones

Moneyline are a social enterprise alternative to the money lenders / payday lenders who prey on people across the UK. We’ve a branch in St Helens, in Barrow Street. They’ve just informed me that they also have a branch in Warrington, Friars court, Rylands Street.

I didn’t know Dobbies garden centre was owned by Tesco.

Enter the Kalixa Pro Spirit of Small Business Awards for your chance to win the £10k grand prize

The North West has potentioal to become a “centre of excellence” for fucking up the environment

A what’s on guide for young people in St Helens during the summer holidays  v

The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up

The headquarters for construction of the #HS2 is to be based in Birmingham.

I read this about renationalisation of uk railways  Why people think rail rares will be lower if nationalised mystifies me. governments do not manage things like this well. plus, too many large private companies who are the puppet masters of our government, will not let this happen easily.

The Mimic. great to see this back, its very funny. It also has the wonderful Jo Hartley.

Bank Of Dave. fantastic book. the original tv series passed me by. lots of tenacity, i love it.

I do wonder about the lack of joined up thinking across the many department at St Helens Council. They could have printed all the great info regarding summer events for kids in the St Helens First magazine that got delivered to every household in St Helens, but they didnt. Instead they printed a limited number to be distributed and have an e-version of it, which is not very well put together.

Another successful #StHelensHour on Twitter. Blew the previous week out of the water. More contributors, more tweets, more RT’s, more reach.  See for yourself. 14th July report 21st July report Storify

How difficult can it be to replace a missing litter bin in St Helens Town Centre. Advised the Council over a month ago, due to it’s location, its disappearance has resulted in an increase in litter. Still nothing done. I also told Barrie Grunewald about this, who gave the impression something would be done. but still nada. I even recall local election pledges regarding reducing litter around St Helens. What a joke!

Over promise and under-delivering. Find it strange when people are really keen to meet with me, impart information and the like. They tell me that they’ll email over the rest of the stuff “if not today, then monday” monday passes, nothing, tuesday passes, nothing, wednesday, thursday, firiday…… Always under promise and over deliver, it’s the correct way around to do things.

graduation ceremonies for 4 year olds.  honestly, where does this stuff come from….

Avoid the funeral sting: how to die for less than £1,000

It’s interesting that since Labour have been touting the idea of rail renationalisation our local Labour councillors have suddently become way more vocal about problems with train services. funny that, guess it means that unless their is a party / election agenda things dont seem to matter as much. They ought to remember who they work for.

Hmmmm, so it appears the new Sunday Market in Liverpool, Pall Mall, may not happen. One of the reasons being bandied around is that someone involved in the decision making process at Liverpool Council has a relationship with the firm who manages all the other Markets in the City. It’s suggested that they don’t want some new upstart to open one, and it wont happen.

In other news, Councillor Malcolm Kennedy is a director of Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd, the Joint Venture Company set-up to manage Markets in Liverpool.

Max Steinberg of Liverpool Vision says “liverpool is open for business” following #ifb2014 lets see if that works for Pall Mall Market!

Free parking on Saturday in St Helens. How badly wrong can they get it…..

The curious world of England’s street furniture

Popped along to the cafe at Mansion House with my mum, always great grub, and top service. And all set in a lovely park too, what’s not to love!

Wow, these paper cutouts are amazing

They look like photos but are in fact oil paintings

If someone says “I’d love to find out more about what you’re promoting” gives you email, telephone number, don’t carry on sending 45733783975 Direct Messages.

Why the UK needs a Go and Grow Online campaign

Summer Streets is coming to St Helens 31st July – 2nd August.

Fifty shades of grey trailer released

Mo Farah pulls out of Commonwealth Games due to a tummy bug. Avoid Quorn!

Graphs at a glance: the destruction of Manufacturing jobs during the last Labour government:

Summer job available in St Helens. Want to sell ice cream in the Town centre. No experience required, enthusiasm will make up for that. Contact @streetdawg_co on twitter

All this talk of investment in liverpool city region etc etc cant even get a train service between st helens and liverpool to run properly. huge sums spent on electrification, nothing on carriages.

This is a tragic story about a man killing himself over payday loans. these companies prey on vulnerable people.








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That Friday Feeling

By Mike Ashworth | July 18, 2014

Just things that have piqued my interest etc during the last week or so…..

Chanced upon Northern Soul dancer girl Levanna Mclean on Youtube. Very cool. Check her out.

Dont know how this passed me by last month. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Summertime Mixtape vol 5 (2014). Jazzy’s site. Listen. Download

Popped along to Big Busk’s “little busk” in Church Square, got to meet a few of the Friends of Victoria Park crew, lovely people. Looking forward to the main event on 19th.

Yes, it costs money to run the Red Arrows display team however I wouldnt axe them. Their is something quintessentially British about them. Puts a smile on people’s faces, pride in our Country and all that. Things you cant really put a price on at all. Story.

I see that Gary Barlow and the other stars involved in dubious tax dodging schemes are now blaming the advisors using a “I dont know much about money, finances, honest guv” approach. I dont believe them for one moment!

Members of govt buggering kids? well they’ve fucked with everyone else!

How to tie a tie, who knew their were so many ways!

Chatting to @mattrashcroft about acid house, techno and lots of other housey related stuff and stumbled across this Larry Heard interview on Youtube

How Merseyside MPs respond to your pleas for help not great stats for #sthelens MP’s #TheyWorkForUs

No wonder ppl are hacked off with EU especially when it comes to more human rights nonsense like this

This is a pretty cool video. aerial views of Carr Mill Dam in St helens

Picked up tkts for Much Ado About Nothing at Central Library. Looking forward to this. We have a really cool Arts Team at the Library who’ve been responsible for putting on lots of great things.

Another successful #sthelenshour on Twitter. Report and stats Storify

Reading about the Tory cabinet reshuffle, reported as being so Cameron can bring in a raft of female MP’s. If you’re a power hungry / ego driven politican it really doesnt matter what your sex is at all…..

The Eiffel Tower looks amazing, lit up for Bastille Day.

Homeless man attacked.  The most disturbing thing about this is that not a single person lifted a finger to help.

Jeremy Kyle pepper sprayed in #Magaluf. What do you know, Karma does work….

People who talk at you for ages and ages, all about them, never about you, but when they do finally show any interest in you, they turn it into something about them. Isn’t “communication” wonderful.

A Scientific Guide to Hashtags: How Many, Which Ones, and Where to Use Them

Here’s what a Twitter conversation looks like in real life Be careful with all those #

8 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

If same criteria applied to elections as some propose for industrial action, Parliament would have ZERO MPs.

Loom band dress sells for £170,00 on ebay. Hmmm, I have a suspicion the seller will be opening an “unpaid item” dispute case on ebay very soon. Then again, perhaps their is some politican out there who thinks the 12 year old is included in the price?

When someone writes on their twitter bio “views are my own” i wonder why they write it, who else’s might they be?  Some might think it’s online, it’s twitter, it doesnt really matter. But it all matters. You are what you do, say, write, stating that this is a “personal account” still means ppl judge you in respect of other things you may do.

I can’t get my head around what is going on with the people who run #MerseyHour on Twitter. One moment they are sending rude tweets in response to questions, then they want to do a St Helens special on their regular #MerseyHour, then Mike, the founder sends a ton of direct messages rather than an email as requested to explain exactly what was intended. Then next day one of the other Team, Dom I believe, deleted all previous messages explaining what they wanted to do as it was “unacceptable correspondence”. Life is too short to waste time with people like this.

A shed in St Helens has made the list of finalists for Shed of the Year 2014

I wonder if this casual approach to bowls “barefoot bowling” would take off in UK?

When I keep reading that an organisation has no agenda / hidden agenda, time and time again, I start to think “really, are you sure, me thinks you proclaim this far too often”

Had a great meeting with the St Helens Chamber of Commerce. Hearing more about the programmes they run and support they offer, so I can help better inform those I meet of such things. Opportunity in the future to become a Mentor as well. I’m looking forward to that.

Arthur Baker tune from 1979 Cant put no price on love resurfaces, and it’s awesome! Story

I really wish the Chinese Buffet in Bridge Street, St Helens would sort out the ripped and tatty banners on the outside of it’s building, it really does the building and their business no good at all. I’ve told them a few times about this yet they’ve done nothing about it.













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