Less Than Impressed With Safestyle

By Mike Ashworth | July 1, 2015

Less than impressed with Safestyle.

Last week my 86 year old mum had a window installed. She then proceeded to open the window being as it was a nice day, big mistake. A few hours later and she couldnt shut the window as it appeared to have shifted / warped.

Despite fact that she was only able to put the window on the half latch, and that was with the aid of a family member, she was left with it like this until someone came out yesterday to have a look at it. I say someone came out but what actually happened was that Safestyle promised my mum a visit in the afternoon, the afternoon rolled around and nobody came to visit. My mum then had to get on the phone to them again, someone came out, made some adjustment / repairs, mum pointed out the gap between window and frame, the chap made no comment at all about that, and then left.

Mum opened window for a few hours, same problem again.

She rang them this morning and was told by the person on the phone that the guy who visited yesterday reported back to HQ that it was my mum who was the cause of the problem. And they then proceeded to tell her this on the phone. She was very upset and hurt by this comment. An 86 year old woman, made to feel shit by Safestyle. Well done! I hope you are happy with yourselves.

The quality of the work is a bit suspect imho, the joins on the window dont look great plus if you look at the photos you will see that even with the window being shut there is a gap which is clearly visible.


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