Update On My Terminally Ill Uncle

By Mike Ashworth | October 6, 2014

I posted on the Bupa UK Facebook Page about the care of my Uncle.

“Hi Mike, as you requested we have been speaking to a member of your family about your uncle’s care and have been in touch to arrange a meeting. In the meantime, if you have any further feedback, please email it to: feedback@bupa.com Many thanks”

Feedback?? They refer to this as feedback?? wtf!

Update: We’ve had some communication from the Manager of Burrswood House, who has said sorry for the isolated incident regarding him being left is his own mess. They are now going to be taking their responsibilities more seriously including regular checking on him etc which is what should be happening.

I am saddened that it’s taken us kicking up quite a stink to get to a position where a minimum level of care has been promised for my Uncle.







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