Wardens to hit St Helens litterbugs with fines.

By Mike Ashworth | August 6, 2014

Story in St Helens Star today.

Environmental wardens with the power to fine litterbugs on the spot will start patrolling the borough later this month.

The wardens are being introduced as part of a drive by St Helens Council to bring tougher sanctions on those leaving litter and dog fouling.

The size of the fines is not yet determined but it is believed they could amount to £60.

As the Star reported last week, a staggering £1.8million was spent by the council last year on clearing up dropped litter in the borough. The Star’s mailbag and email accounts have also been bulging with readers complaints over the amount of litter being dropped in the town centre and at beauty spots across the borough.

The town centre remains a hot topic of debate and a common concern is that street rubbish that builds throughout the day leaves it appearing dirty by the evening.

Remainder of story here


I have no problem with things that might reduce amount of litter dropped however the Council are also culpable in this matter. They removed a litter bin from an area of Town Centre where lots of peopel stop to eat etc, resulting in more litter. This was reported to them in June and I received an email from the Council acknowledging receipt of the report. Still nothing has been done.


I got in touch with Council Leader Barrie Grunewald and Cllr Seve Gomez-Aspron and was told the following.









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