St Helens Summer Streets Performers Links

By Mike Ashworth | July 31, 2014

Top time at St Helens Summer Streets.

For those who might be wondering if the various performers have website, twitter, facebook etc, i’ve done a bit of reasearch and come up with the list below.

Their are a few gaps i’m afraid, but if anyone can fill the blanks in, drop me a line or add a comment with the info. Ta


Jiving Lindy Hoppers – Dance Performance

The Aerialists – Trapeze Artistes

J P Puppets – Street Puppeteer

Ernest Magnifico – Comedy Stunt Show

Gangster & Moll – Comedy Street Act

Saurus – Giant Dinosaurs

Chinese Lion – Street Performer

The Candyman – Living Statue

U C Crew – Street Dance

Maple Staplegun – Comedy Hula Show

Make Up – Comedy Street Act

Gary Clarke – St Helens Group – Dance Performance

Chameleon – Dance Performance

China Pearl – Dance Performance

Taciturn – Dance Performance

Geisha Girls – Comedy Street Act

Bubbleologist – Street Performer

Axial – Dance Performance

Joyous Jamboree – Comedy Street Act

Kali Chandrasegaram – Dance Performance

Nicoletta Cabassi & Simonia Lisi – Dance Performance

Growing Old Disgracefully – Dance Performance

Carmen Miranda & Chicoon – Comedy Street Act

Stop Gap – Dance Performance

Lamin Dumbuya – Dance Workshop

Ballet Nimba – Dance Performance

Star Fish Wives – Comedy Street Act

Polly Scott – Dance Workshop

DJ Dex Nelson – Latin and World beats @ Havana

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