Read An E-Book Week

By Mike Ashworth | March 9, 2012

It’s read an e-book week so why not treat yourself to one of these titles from friends of mine.

Tony Somers: Fighter, Rescuer, Healer. Inspiration, Action, Change. Amazon Tony somers website

Darren Checkley: Real Food, Real Results. Amazon real food real results website

Mark W Schaefer: The Tao of Twitter Amazon Tao of Twitter Website

Dean Coulson: The (FIT) Formula Amazon Assert Fitness Website

Louis Thompson: 12 Week immersion. Change your life in 12 weeks Amazon Thompson SD Website

Geoff Thompson: Warrior Amazon Geoff’s Website

Rannoch Donald: 100 Rep Challenge, Excellence is a Habit link to free pdf

Kami Watson Huyse: A Commonsense Framework To Measure Social Media Success link to free pdf

Geoff Livingston: Welcome To The Fifth Estate: How To Create And Sustain A Winning Social Media Strategy Amazon

Stuart Williams: Endling (illustrated fiction)  Amazon

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