Litter Enforcement Team Hit The Town Centre

By Mike Ashworth | September 11, 2014

The double standards exhibited by St Helens Council are astonishing.

Today I witnessed two gentleman in Church Street issue a lady with a fine for putting the butt of her cigarette on the floor after smoking.

Where else was she to put it? The cigarette tray on the bin in Church Street outside Boots was full and the bin that was damaged by a delivery vehicle months ago has never been replaced.

It appears to me that the two gentleman were making many notes about the littering in Church Street probably so they can work out how much money can be raised from this when more cuts come through in the next financial year.

Walk a few minutes to outside Town Hall and its a completely different story however… 5 litter bins within a stonesthrow of the building.

So you have to ask,  do they want to have a litter free environment (many bins outside town hall would suggest yes) or do they want to have a nice revenue stream from fining people £50 as the lady was today, when no places to dispose of litter are available.

It should also be noted that the two gentleman below, aside from wearing a top with a logo on had no other official ID, paperwork or anything  on display via a lanyard or similar.


The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 makes it an offence for a person, who an enforcement officer proposes to give a fixed penalty notice to, to fail to give their name and address when required to do so, or for them to give false or inaccurate name or address details.

If you refuse to give your details I understand they have the power to detain you until a police officer arrives.

The two gentleman would have been better employed approaching people who had just littered, telling them what they’d just done, and asking them to remedy the problem by picking up the litter and taking it with them. Unless of course they are employees of Xfor, who many Councils are using to “enforce” the littering policy.

Disclaimer. I hate litter as much as next person however I aslo loath double standards and councils who place obstacles in the way of litter prevention.

Update: I was in town earlier and thought I’d ahve a chat with one of the guys, the fellow on the right in the photo as it goes. The moment I stopped to chat to him one of the other “enforcement” team joined him, perhaps they thought I was going to kick off, who knows. What I can tell you is this. I’m a big lad, yet I felt a little intimadted by their demeanour. Now imagine if that were women they were approaching? Interestingly I and my friend have only observed them giving “tickets” to women, not men, not young groups of lads etc.

Also, the fine is not £50 it is £75. It is £50 if you pay it within 10 days I believe.

The chap I spoke to said everyone in St Helens knows about this “zero tolerance” policy. It’s been in the paper, on social media. Really? I asked a few people and nobody recalls hearing about it.

He said that he’d much prefer not to have to do this and instead for the town to be free of litter. Hmmmm, i’m not convinced, it’s a fantastic revenue stream for the council. If they issue 30 tickets a day, thats over £800,000 per year. Nice!




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The Council’s Focus

By Mike Ashworth | September 9, 2014

Today I noted that St Helens Council are flying the Scottish Flag, the Saltire, above the town hall. Time and care and attention has been taken to do this.



Within a stonesthrow of the Town Hall in Hardshaw Street we have this eyesore (and it smells).


I find it rather disappointing that the Politics of Scotland are deemed a greater importance than the streets of our Town Centre, especially as the Council have recently introduced new teams to deal with rubbish.

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Littering in St Helens

By Mike Ashworth | August 7, 2014

Following on from the news story yesterday where it was announced that people who litter will be fined I’ve been thinking about how this might pan out.

I suspect that many of the people who litter many not be in a position to pay a fine, so rather than makes their lives more of a misery, or the taxpayer footing the bill for their inability to pay, I have a solution.

They can work off the fine by giving x hours to the town on a voluntary basis.

“What will they be doing” I hear you thinking.

Picking up litter, that’s what they’ll be doing.


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Headlines you never hear in the news

By Mike Ashworth | August 6, 2014

“200 killed today when atheist rebels took heavy shelling from agnostic stronghold in the north”

Doug Stanhope

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Wardens to hit St Helens litterbugs with fines.

By Mike Ashworth | August 6, 2014

Story in St Helens Star today.

Environmental wardens with the power to fine litterbugs on the spot will start patrolling the borough later this month.

The wardens are being introduced as part of a drive by St Helens Council to bring tougher sanctions on those leaving litter and dog fouling.

The size of the fines is not yet determined but it is believed they could amount to £60.

As the Star reported last week, a staggering £1.8million was spent by the council last year on clearing up dropped litter in the borough. The Star’s mailbag and email accounts have also been bulging with readers complaints over the amount of litter being dropped in the town centre and at beauty spots across the borough.

The town centre remains a hot topic of debate and a common concern is that street rubbish that builds throughout the day leaves it appearing dirty by the evening.

Remainder of story here


I have no problem with things that might reduce amount of litter dropped however the Council are also culpable in this matter. They removed a litter bin from an area of Town Centre where lots of peopel stop to eat etc, resulting in more litter. This was reported to them in June and I received an email from the Council acknowledging receipt of the report. Still nothing has been done.

I got in touch with Council Leader Barrie Grunewald and Cllr Seve Gomez-Aspron and was told the following.









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Newton Town Show Storify

By Mike Ashworth | August 3, 2014

Put together this Storify of all Tweets and photos etc of the Newton Town Show in Newton Le Willows, St Helens, this weekend.


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St Helens Summer Streets Storify

By Mike Ashworth | August 2, 2014

Put together this Storify of all the tweets and facebook updates I could find containing photos and videos of Summer Streets event in St Helens.


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St Helens Summer Streets Performers Links

By Mike Ashworth | July 31, 2014

Top time at St Helens Summer Streets.

For those who might be wondering if the various performers have website, twitter, facebook etc, i’ve done a bit of reasearch and come up with the list below.

Their are a few gaps i’m afraid, but if anyone can fill the blanks in, drop me a line or add a comment with the info. Ta


Jiving Lindy Hoppers – Dance Performance

The Aerialists – Trapeze Artistes

J P Puppets – Street Puppeteer

Ernest Magnifico – Comedy Stunt Show

Gangster & Moll – Comedy Street Act

Saurus – Giant Dinosaurs

Chinese Lion – Street Performer

The Candyman – Living Statue

U C Crew – Street Dance

Maple Staplegun – Comedy Hula Show

Make Up – Comedy Street Act

Gary Clarke – St Helens Group – Dance Performance

Chameleon – Dance Performance

China Pearl – Dance Performance

Taciturn – Dance Performance

Geisha Girls – Comedy Street Act

Bubbleologist – Street Performer

Axial – Dance Performance

Joyous Jamboree – Comedy Street Act

Kali Chandrasegaram – Dance Performance

Nicoletta Cabassi & Simonia Lisi – Dance Performance

Growing Old Disgracefully – Dance Performance

Carmen Miranda & Chicoon – Comedy Street Act

Stop Gap – Dance Performance

Lamin Dumbuya – Dance Workshop

Ballet Nimba – Dance Performance

Star Fish Wives – Comedy Street Act

Polly Scott – Dance Workshop

DJ Dex Nelson – Latin and World beats @ Havana

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